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ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–The woman in charge of all the money you put in St. Louis parking meters could face some tough questions from aldermen.

Aldermen Jeffrey Boyd is calling for hearings to question City Treasurer Tishaura Jones about how she’s running the parking division.

“She seems to have become a law unto herself, like the local laws don’t apply to her,” Boyd said.

Boyd, who is also on the five-member parking commission, says Jones is violating state law and evading proper oversight by not holding a meeting of the commission for seven months.

015 Showdown Looms over Parking Meter Money

Alderman Jeffrey Boyd says the City Treasurer has become “autocratic” in her handling of the Parking Division.

“We have an ordinance in place that she’s willfully and knowingly violating that says we shall meet monthly,” Boyd said.

Boyd will introduce his resolution calling for hearings on Jones Friday morning. He hopes to hold the hearings in a matter of weeks.

The showdown looms after months of tension between aldermen and Jones over whether she’s giving her fair share of parking division revenues to the city’s general revenue fund. Jones insists she is giving the city its fair portion of the money in compliance with state law.

Jones released a statement defending her decision to “temporarily” suspend meetings of the parking division:

“Treasurer Jones, in her capacity as Parking Supervisor of the City of St. Louis, temporarily suspended Parking Commission meetings in Fall 2017.

“This step was taken after Alderman Jeffrey Boyd–with the support of the Mayor’s office–filed a Motion to Intervene to serve as a plaintiff in a lawsuit that challenges the legality of the state statutes governing the Parking Division.

“Since the order–and due to the fact that Alderman Boyd and a representative of the Mayor’s office are members of the Parking Commission–the Parking Commission under Treasurer Jones’ leadership has suspended all meetings in order to allow the legal process to run its course.

“Meanwhile, parking operations will continue according to current policies until legal clarity is achieved. Once the court has rendered a decision or a legal resolution occurs, the Parking Commission will comply with the law accordingly.

“Treasurer Jones is a county elected official, and county elected officials are governed by state law. Any changes to their offices requires the state legislature to pass a bill and the governor to sign said bill into law.”

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