ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The weather could be what led to several delayed flights at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, but a spokesman says there’s nothing report about the weather.

Twelve flights at Lambert are either delayed or cancelled this morning, according to FlySTL, Lambert’s official website listing all the flights of the day.

KMOX asked airport spokesperson Jeff Lea if the fog in the area was leading to these delays. He said there is nothing reported on their end specially to that.

The flights’ destinations aren’t all connected to the same geographic, most going to the northeast, but some are also to Toronto, Dallas and Chicago.

The fog has been building since Tuesday afternoon and into Wednesday morning.

But if you are flying out this morning, you will want to check and see if yours is one of the 12 flights either delayed or cancelled.

Air Canada to Toronto at 9:06am – Delayed 9:57am

Southwest to Chicago-Midway at 9:30am – Cancelled

Southwest to Boston at 9:45am – Delayed 10am

Delta to New York-LGA at 10:16am – Delayed 11:36am

Delta to Minneapolis at 10:35am – Delayed 11:05am

Southwest to Chicago-Midway at 10:55 am – Cancelled

Check here for the full list

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