ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KMOX) – The latest area flu numbers are expected to be released Wednesday, as we are around the peak of flu season.

About 700 new cases of the flu were reported in St. Charles County last week. Since October, they’ve had 2,800 reported flu cases, based on tallies from doctors, hospitals and urgent cares. The actual numbers, including unreported cases, are expected to be much higher.

“This flu season is definitely at a peak right now,” says Assistant Director of Public Health for St. Charles County, Sara Evers.

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In all of last year’s flu season, which stretches through the fall and winter months, St. Charles had about 4,000 cases on record.

“I have heard that the fever is the usual in terms of severity, but it’s lasting a lot longer, so we definitely need to encourage people to stay home as long as they do have that fever,” Evers says.

She says so far, there are no known fatalities from the flu this year in St. Charles County.

Surviving the Flu

Flu survivors are telling their stories about just how bad it is this year.

Sherry Daniels says she caught it on an airplane New Year’s Day, and was in bed five days with fever, chills and no appetite. Daniels says she lost 15 pounds in a week.

Richard Ryder tells KMOX he caught it even though he got the flu shot, and was seven days sick with a dry cough, chills and low-grade fever.

Pharmacist Tom Hunt at Lindenwood Drugs in south St. Louis says it’s the worst flu season he’s seen in many years — he’s dispensed more Tamaflu in recent weeks than he has in the past five years.

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