Brendan Shanahan was signed as a free agent by the St. Louis Blues, before the 1991-92 season and described Mike Shanahan Sr. as a just “one of the guys” when he made a visit to the locker room.

“He loved a good joke, loved the camaraderie and the banter that went around not just the dressing room, but the arena, the people who worked in the arena and just a real regular guy,” Brendan Shanahan says. “And a great example.”

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Brendan Shanahan, talking to KMOX’s Kelly Chase before Tuesday’s Blues game in Toronto said that he was also close with Shanahan Sr.’s family. The Hall of Fame forward described Shanahan Sr. has a owner who always left the door open and treated players with the same respect no matter if you were Brett Hull or Denny Felsner.

There’s no family relation between these Shanahan’s, Brendan Shanahan says the humor of having the same last name wasn’t lost of the chariman. But his day-to-day job was no joke to him.

“He was a guy that looked for any avenue to make the Blues a good team,” Shanahan says. “He didn’t care what feathers he ruffled at the league office either he just was representing St. Louis. He was a winner so he wanted his hockey team to be a winner. Those were fun nights, those nights, the team was exciting and he gets a lot of credit for that.”

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