By Ryan Wrecker

Thanks to the government shutdown, you’re not allowed to look at the Arch.  Not even for a minute.  Not even for a spit second.  And don’t even think about taking a photo.

If you believe that, I’m also guessing you’re deathly afraid of this government shutdown.

Agreeing to a long term immigration plan is more important than rushing to get the government back up and running.  It’s embarrassing we had to let it get to this point.  What we need is three key pieces moving forward:

** funding for the southern boarder wall
** merit based immigration
** end of chain migration

What we don’t need:

** Give up on long term solutions for more short term fixes

Funding for the wall is more than just patching what we have now. It’s building an entirely new structure that can protect the United States against drug, gun and sex trafficking that happens from Mexico.  It also gives us the ability to control to know who is entering our country.

Merit based immigration will ensure we can evaluate both current DACA holders and future applications who want to become citizens of this country.  To me, it means the people who have followed laws, contributed to communities and paid taxes through their work permits will be given favor over policy that uses a lottery to pick who becomes citizens.

Only a handful of Republicans voted NO to the latest deal, while only a handful of Democrats voted YES.  That includes Sen. Claire McCaskill as one of the few democrats who voted to end the shutdown and work on immigration in good faith, along with Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Doug Jones of Alabama and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota.

Unless you work for the government, odds are the shutdown will not factor into your regular day life.  And that should be the lesson from the last shutdown.  Long term policy should be the focus, not the short term gains.  How much longer do we need to compromise our position on immigration?  When the current short term fix isn’t working, do something.

By the way, some members in Congress realize it’s ridiculous they get paid when other federal workers won’t.  Jim Banks from Indiana is one of them:

I’m sorry for anyone that was planning to take a ride to the top of the Arch.

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