ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Alex Pietrangelo takes it as a compliment when the NHL Network and national hockey writers are surprised to hear this weekend’s All-Star Game will be the first for the St. Louis Blues captain. He talked about the upcoming weekend and annual Blues Dad’s Trip that is coming up the following weekend.

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On Sunday, Pietrangelo and Brayden Schenn will represent St. Louis and the Central Division in Tampa Bay for the 3v3 All-Star Game. But on Saturday night, the two may have a few extra tasks during the GEICO Skills Competition.

We asked Petro before Tuesday’s game against the Ottawa Senators, which competition he’ll be involved in.

“I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t think me and Schenner have any specific skills, so I think we might just ask if we can pass,” Pietrangelo says jokingly, but then agrees that he’d be a easy pick win any All-Star media interview competition.

He says he’s most looking forward to getting to catch up with some former teammates and their families.

Although Pietrangelo doesn’t know what competition he’ll be in, here’s what the night will entail:

Enterprise NHL Fastest Skater

Eight skaters will compete in the Enterprise NHL Fastest Skater Each skater will be timed for one full lap around the rink.

Dunkin’ Donuts NHL Passing Challenge

Eight players will compete in the Dunkin’ Donuts NHL Passing Challenge, which consists of three skills over one round, including (1) Target Passing, where each player must complete four successful passes to targets that light up in a random sequence; (2) Give and Go, where each player must successfully complete the four required passes through a course set up in the neutral zone; and (3) Mini Nets, where each player must complete one pass over a barricade and into each of four mini nets, as well as an additional pass into the game net.

GEICO NHL Save Streak

Five goalies and all 36 skaters will participate in the GEICO NHL Save Streak, a shootout grouped by division where goalies compete to make the most consecutive saves. Each goalie will face one opposing division and a minimum of nine scoring attempts. A goalie’s round at the GEICO NHL Save Streak cannot end with a save – if the divisional captain’s shot is saved, the goalie will continue to face shooters until a goal is scored.

Gatorade NHL Puck Control Relay

Eight players will compete in the Gatorade NHL Puck Control Relay, a timed single-round event that includes three skills: (1) Stickhandling, where a skater controls a puck through a series of eight pucks in a straight line; (2) Cone Control, where a skater controls a puck through a series of eight cones in a zig-zag formation; and (3) Gates, where a skater approaches a gate and is required to shoot or otherwise guide the puck through the lighted rung of a gate.

PPG NHL Hardest Shot

Six players will compete in the PPG NHL Hardest Shot. Over two rounds, each player will attempt two shots measured in miles per hour (mph), with the highest speed of their two shots recorded.

Honda NHL Accuracy Shooting

Eight players will compete in the Honda NHL Accuracy Shooting, a timed event where a shooter is positioned 25 feet from the goal line and shoots pucks at five LED targets located in the net.

The League’s midseason showcase will take place at AMALIE Arena and will include the 2018 GEICO NHL All-Star Skills Competition on Saturday, Jan. 27 (7 p.m. ET, NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVAS) and 2018 Honda NHL All-Star Game on Sunday, Jan. 28 (3:30 p.m. ET, NBC, CBC, SN, TVAS).

For the third straight season, the 2018 Honda NHL All-Star Game will feature a three-game tournament, played in a 3-on-3 format, showcasing teams from each NHL division competing for a $1 million winner-take-all prize pool.

Upcoming Dad’s Trip

From February 1-3, the Blues will be accompanied by their fathers. This year’s annual Dad’s Trip will bring the players’ fathers to games in Boston, Thursday and Buffalo, Saturday.

“I think he’s more excited about the father’s trip than anything, with all due respect to my mom,” Pietrangelo says. “The first time we did it, it was an eye-opener for all of them. I guess they didn’t realize the travel schedule, the food, how hard it is on us. And now the camaraderie that they have when two or three of them will be in town at the same time here. Even when we see each other’s fathers at the rink you say hello.”

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