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ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–The new head of the FBI here graduated from St. Louis University High (Class of 1985), and went onto Mizzou, where he briefly considered going to Journalism School to become an investigative journalist.

Instead Richard P. Quinn went into law enforcement and different kind of investigations.

After twenty years with the FBI with stints in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia, Quinn says he’s happy to be back to the hometown that he loves and wants to help lower violent crime.

“We are literally and figuratively killing ourselves,” Quinn said, “and for that to continue is unacceptable. Each and every one of us has skin in the game.”

Quinn says the FBI is coordinating with local and state law enforcement to help with investigations and to bring more gun cases to federal court, where the sentences are tougher.

“We offer the ability to process and share intelligence across a spectrum of law enforcement agencies quickly,” Quinn said, “And the theory behind that being: it can be made actionable and used to conduct follow-up investigations and identify perpetrators beyond those who were just arrested.”

Quinn says the department is “always interested” in tips from the public on public corruption, but he declined to comment on reports the FBI is investigating Missouri Governor Greitens.

The number-one priority for the FBI nationally, and locally, Quinn says is guarding against terrorism.

“The threat of home-grown, violent extremism is the number-one threat,” Quinn said, “The face of terrorism, the nature of terrorism, has changed dramatically since 911. It’s become much more de-centralized, autonomous and enabled. And so, for this field office, like many field offices around the country, the threat of violent, home-grown extremism is the one we focus on the most.”

Quinn has been on the job nine weeks here, and he says he looks forward to making a difference in his hometown.

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