ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A Chesterfield resident running for the Parkway School Board is coming under fire for her social media history.

Jeanie Ames describes herself as a Confederate on her Twitter page, which is now private. She retweeted a post about banning Islam in the United States and referred to former First Lady Michelle Obama as a “giant rat.”

In other tweets before the account went private, Ames described Puerto Rico as “one trailer-lot payment away from being homeless.” She said the Congressional Black Caucus is among the problems with America, and she expressed support for former U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, who was accused of sexual misconduct.

The Parkway School District has not commented on Ames’ social media history.

The Board of Education’s election will be held Tuesday, April 3, with five candidates running for two open seats. Ames is one of those five running.

  1. We are living in very scary times. I always knew there was an undercurrent of racism, sexism, and xenophobia in the United States, but it wasn’t until Trump’s election that we learned how deeply and strongly that undercurrent ran, and now it’s spilling over the banks. While I’m sure most people who voted for Trump do not think of themselves as white supremacists and white nationalists, 100% of those who DO think of themselves that way were solidly behind Trump, and now they feel that they have been validated in molding this country into their vision of a White Christian Facist America. Jeanie Ames is emblematic of that.

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