Kevin Killeen (@KMOXKilleen)By Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The turf war over parking money heats up, as aldermen subpoena City Treasurer Tishaura Jones to stand before them and answer questions.

Jones already appeared once, voluntarily, before the Aldermanic Streets Committee, but declined a second request, so Chairman Alderman Jeffrey Boyd sought the subpoena.

Jones was served with the subpoena Thursday.

“Let me just state for the record,” Boyd said. “This is nothing personal, this is business.”

Boyd, who has run against Jones before in city primaries for mayor and city treasurer, says he’s not out to pluck the feathers of a political rival.

jeffrey boyd Tishaura Jones Subpoenaed on Parking Money

Jeffrey Boyd (Kevin Killeen/KMOX)

“Some of the questions are the appropriation of funds that are expended from the parking commission; and are those being expended appropriately?” Boyd said. “There are travel regulations that we want to see if she’s adhering to.”

Jones has accused Boyd of a conflict of interest, because he’s currently involved in a lawsuit over the parking division, and there’s the potential her testimony before the committee could be used against her in the lawsuit.parking meter 2 Tishaura Jones Subpoenaed on Parking Money

For several months, aldermen in the cash-strapped city have been talking about how to get Jones to share more of her parking revenue with the city’s general revenue fund, which last year faced a $17 million shortfall. Jones insists she has been sharing the money fairly under state statute.

The committee hearing Jones is subpoenaed to appear before is scheduled for January 30 at 9:30 in the Leisure Room at City Hall.

Jones’ office released a statement on the subpoena, calling it “harassment”:

“Treasurer Jones voluntarily appeared before the Streets, Refuse and Traffic Committee on January 16, 2018. She answered several questions about the parking division and the Treasury department.

“Alderman Jeffrey Boyd—with the support of the Mayor’s office—filed a Motion to Intervene to serve as a plaintiff in a lawsuit that challenges the legality of the state statutes governing the Parking Division. Since Alderman Boyd and a representative of the Mayor’s office are also members of the Parking Commission, his participation in the lawsuit and today’s subpoena are conflicts of interest.

“During the January 16 hearing Alderman Boyd asked Treasurer Jones specific questions relating to the lawsuit that he filed and sought information protected by attorney-client privilege. Our office has formally requested Alderman Boyd recuse himself from proceedings based upon his conflict of interests, yet have received no response on this issue.

“The subpoena received today from Alderman Jeffrey Boyd is harassment, as Treasurer Jones has already testified before the Committee, as well as provided several copies of the Parking Commission audit. Alderman Boyd continues to waste taxpayer dollars with these shenanigans.

“Meanwhile, the Parking Commission under Treasurer Jones’ leadership has suspended all meetings in order to allow the legal process to run its course. Parking operations will continue according to current policies until legal clarity is achieved. Once the court has rendered a decision or a legal resolution occurs, the Parking Commission will comply with the law accordingly.

“Treasurer Jones is a county elected official, and county elected officials are governed by state law. Any changes to their offices requires the state legislature to pass a bill and the governor to sign said bill into law.”

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