ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A bill that would ban horse carriages on St. Louis streets, except in parks, has passed out of committee in the board of aldermen. Sponsoring Alderman Joe Vaccaro says it’s a matter of safety.

“Because we saw a horse running to the river with a carriage on it, unattended, to drown. We also found people jumping out of a moving carriage running past the Arch,” he says.

Horse carriage companies are hoping for a compromise – more regulations, but not a ban. Animal rights activists are pushing for the ban, saying the life of a tourist carriage horse is no way to live.

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Comments (4)
  1. Ben Adam says:

    Very disappointing that apparent educated people are failing to do their homework and instead become sheeple that follow behind animal rights ideology that leads us ALL right off the cliff to NO more pets or ability for human and animal interactions. Sad!

  2. First they came for Sea World’s orcas and Ringling’s elephants,
    then they came for carriage horses and other working animals,
    what will you do when they come for your pets and food?

    The animal rights agenda won’t quit until there are no more animals in our lives. They won’t be appeased by small wins.

  3. Barbara is 100% correct. No dogs, no cats, no elephants, no horses, no snakes, no living things except people. That is the animal rights agenda. If they get their way humans will all eat plants exclusively and our world will be “animal free” . That’s what they really mean by “free the animals”. Let the animals live or die out of sight of humans. We will then have the planet to ourselves. Isn’t that a great philosophy to teach our children? I shudder at the thought of it.

  4. This is disgusting. These horses are well-cared for and are doing what they were bred to do, work. They enjoy it as much as those who work with them do. Please do not fall for the emotional manipulation and propaganda from the radical Animal Rights groups!

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