ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner used his annual State of the State speech to address some familiar themes.

He’s been a term limits proponent since he started campaigning in 2013.

“Eighty percent of Illinois’s voters want term limits. The other 20 percent, it seems, are seated in this chamber and in elected Illinois courts,” he said.

Rauner also talked about reigning in pension spending and further reducing red tape to help businesses.

Rauner signed an executive order to improve the process for reporting sexual misconduct. He also says he wants to reduce opioid overdose deaths by one third in the coming years.

State Senator Paul Schimpf is okay with Rauner hitting on familiar themes – particularly the need to create more jobs and boost the economy.

Schimpf also liked the governor’s call to work together and do “what the people want”, which is govern. Senate President John Cullerton, a Democrat, says they’re already doing that.

“We in the general assembly have shown that we have worked together. We showed it again today. We overrode a governor’s veto with bipartisan support, a vet that he admitted was a mistake,” he says.

Cullerton also questions why Rauner all of a sudden wants to “roll up his sleeves and work together” when he’s spent the last three years criticizing Democrats and making them a focal point of his campaigns.

Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti says Rauner keeps hitting on familiar themes like term limits, property tax relief and a “pro growth agenda” because lawmakers have to address them.

“We must, and I think the people are ready. And the people are asking for these changes,”she says.

The state’s taking small steps forward – she cited a recently enacted measure lowering LLC fees in Illinois, one of the things she says will help businesses stay and grow in Illinois.

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