Ryan Wrecker (@RyanWrecker)By Ryan Wrecker

It was the first Olympics held in the United States, and it was right here in St. Louis. How come no one remembers it? Brian Kelly reported on KMOX that the St. Louis Sports Commission is starting a new effort to make sure the history and legacy is never forgotten.

First, we stole the games from Chicago. I would buy merchandise with that message, even though it happened 114 years ago.

They competed for 146 days. To put that into perspective, if the games started this year on January 1st, they wouldn’t conclude until May 26th.

Someone running a marathon got winded, hopped in a car, drove 10 miles, hopped out and finished the race. He got first place, and it wasn’t until he was about to accept the gold medal that someone called him out.

Francis Field, where the games were played at Washington University, still stands today. But you would might be surprised it once was the home for the Olympics since it’s nearly even mentioned to this day.

So why wouldn’t St. Louis get to brag about being one of the only North American locations for these prestigious games? Think about all the history we fail to market. The stories of grit and determination that are overshadowed or taken for granted. The stories that relate to any generation.

We need a city lobbyist. St. Louis could do a much better job of telling the positive stories of its people and communities. We shouldn’t let the national media tell our story.

This is just one story on a pile memories.


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