ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – More trouble for Josh Hawley’s quest to unseat Claire McCaskill.

Now Missouri republican elder statesman, retired u.s. senator Kit Bond told USA Today when asked if he’d rather see Ann Wagner run against McCaskill – “Somebody’s got to get in there and win it.” But could that somebody already be in the race?

Austin Petersen is a former libertarian who’s been pushing his candidacy on social media, but he says he’s had twice as many individual donations as Hawley so far, and when it comes to this US senate race, Petersen says no republican will match Claire McCaskill’s fundraising.

“In order to beat Claire, you’re going to have to out-maneuver her. That’s going to require fire in the belly, that’s going to require someone who doesn’t have to have a full time job to actually being the attorney generally,” he says.

When asked about a looming government shut-down again this week, Petersen says congress needs to return to regular order.

“The house needs to originate the spending bills, and we need to have 12 appropriations bills, we have not had regular order for over 20 years,” he says.

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