Face The Truth is back with a whole new slate of episodes this week. This fresh take on daytime television is hosted and produced by Vivica A. Fox and features a panel of talented, diverse women who strive to help their audience tackle their biggest issues.

CBS Local’s Matt Weiss spoke to Fox earlier today to discuss the shows early success, the dynamic with her “girls,” and the family drama between two daughters each vying for their mother’s attention.

MW- Good morning Vivica! How are you today?

VF- I’m good, Matt! How are you?

MW- Doing well over here! I’m excited to talk to you about Face The Truth and I want to say congratulations first off for all of the show’s success after only a few months. You pull double duty as both host and producer, what’s your experience been like wearing those two hats at the same time?

VF- Well thank you! As you said we just found out last week that our ratings are up about 15% and we are absolutely thrilled. I’ve been out there pounding the pavement, letting everyone know – I am so proud of this show. I am the hostess with the mostess along with my amazing “Truth Team” of Judge Scary Mary, Rosie Mercado, Dr. Judy Ho and Areva Martin; we are doing our best to help people live better lives.

Our guests come on from every walk of life looking for solutions to their problems and we offer them the truth, straight up with no chaser. The main thing we do is help people who need to reconnect with reality, to separate fact from fiction.

MW- You mentioned your co-hosts and I wanted to ask about the dynamic between the five of you. You’ve managed to put together a very impressive group of diverse women.

VF- Oh, I love my girls. It’s so great to work with these amazing, strong, powerful, sensitive women from all different walks of life. They are all very intelligent but they also have hearts of gold. Each one has a different way of delivering their truth. Judge Scary Mary is very straight forward because she’s a judge! She’s seen people from all different walks of life. Dr. Judy Ho, our clinical psychologist is so very smart, she lets people know whey they try to BS you with excuses – she’s an expert on separating fact from fiction. Rose Mercado, our motivational coach, she used to weigh 420 pounds and she has lost 240 pounds. She is a great motivational coach to people that have been dealing with weight or bad relationships because she’s been through it. Areva Martin is our legal adviser and she is just so smart. She’s a mom and deals with kids who have special needs. So some of our guests come on and they have kids with special needs issues so she’s able to offer them that mom advice.

Then you have Vivica Fox! I’ve been gracing the screen for two decades now so guests feel very comfortable talking with me because they feel like they knew me already. I’m like, their homegirl! There’s a whole bunch of comfort that comes with me so a lot of them come on and call me Ms. Vivica and I’m like, ‘yes baby?’ We are all here with open arms to do our best to help people live better lives.

MW- The comfort level really shows through as well, the show seems like a bunch of friends just sitting around talking.

VF- Oh yea, sometimes we get into it though! We all don’t agree on certain things so it’s good to see that we’re not all just “yes girls.” We all have different opinions because we’re all from different walks of life.

The main goal is that when people watch Face The Truth, that if they need to face the truth they aren’t afraid to speak up. We ask people who need help to write into facethetruthtv.com and come on our show. Don’t be afraid to face the truth.

MW- You’ve got some really exciting episodes coming up this week, including today’s episode where you are talking to a mother and her two daughters with some family drama going on. Can you talk about this family and what they are going through?

VF- We’ve got a mother and daughter that are at a cross roads. The older daughter feels like the mother is paying more attention to the younger daughter, happens a lot. The younger daughter unfortunately caught a case of Lyme Disease, she was a star athlete and it completely knocked her off her feet. The mother focuses all of her attention on the younger daughter.

The mother felt the older daughter was independent and didn’t need her anymore, not realizing she still needed that mothering assistance. The older daughter still needed time with her mother and to talk to her on the phone about what’s going on in her life. It was very important for us to help the mother realize that this was a cry for help.

When she finally stopped being in denial about it she was able to understand her older daughter’s needs. So for them, we sent them on a trip, they got to go to the spa and have some good old mommy and me time.

MW- That’s phenomenal, it’s so great to see a genuine desire to help people in need. Thank you so much for speaking with me today Vivica, the show is great and I wish you nothing but the best the rest of the way!

VF- You are so welcome, happy holidays!

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