HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (CBS Local) — A teacher who is color blind can now see some colors, thanks to an unexpected and generous gift from his students.

Tyler Henderson is a choir director at Lee High School in Huntsville, Alabama. As his students worked on their production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” they learned that Henderson can’t see colors.

The students created a GoFundMe page and raised around $100 for the glasses in about two weeks. They surprised him with the glasses on Friday and shared the moment on social media.

Henderson said he was overcome with emotion and had no idea the students were pulling this off for him.

“I was really really overwhelmed. I couldn’t really hold it in,” Henderson told WHNT. “And I just tried– the only thing I tried to say to as many of them as possible was that I loved them and how grateful I was, and that was about the only words I was able to get out at the time.”

The students thought it’s the perfect time to give him the glasses, so he can see the colors on the coat when they perform at a state competition later this month.

“To give him something that he gave us, which is knowledge, and to give him something back, it was a great experience,” Alexus Burton, a Lee High School student, said.

The students posted the surprise video to Facebook writing, “You helped us see our colors, now we’re helping you see yours.”

Henderson is a Lee High School alumnus.

“This is an amazing gift to me, because this is something I can physically hold in my hand. Anytime something gets difficult, or something gets stressful, or we’re working hard late into the evening, I’m going to hold onto that. I’m gonna hold onto that day,” Henderson said.