(CBS Local)–There weren’t many bands or artists hotter than Korn during the late 90s and early 2000s.

That time was incredibly satisfying and unbearably difficult for the group’s guitarist Brian “Head” Welch. Welch won Grammys, welcomed a daughter named Jennea into the world, but also struggled with drug addiction.

The Korn guitarist ended up leaving the band in 2005 in order to take care of Jennea and save himself. The world will have the opportunity to relive this incredible story on Dec. 14 in the new Showtime documentary “Loud Krazy Love.” The doc is powerful, honest and raw, making it one of the best watches of 2018.

“The meaning behind the film was very important,” said Brian Welch in a studio interview with CBS Local. “It was about this kid being born into the crazy rock world and all the damage that can do with partying, addiction and divorce. But, it is also about the restoration. We are so pleased with the finish product.”

While Brian relives many of his past demons, 20-year-old Jennea also opens about her battles with depression and suicide. The process wasn’t an easy one, but Welch’s daughter realizes the impact her words can have.

“I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t to help other people,” said Jennea Welch. “There are so many kids that can relate. It was hard, but that kept me driven.”

There are many memorable moments in this new Showtime documentary, but one of the most memorable is when Welch explains why he left Korn. The move was perceived as controversial for a number of different reasons, but Brian still stands by his decision.

“All I knew is that I loved my kid and I found faith and I wanted to find out how to really be happy without drugs and alcohol,” said Brian Welch. “It’s hard when you take all that stuff away and then there is that resistance in life. You usually run to alcohol, but now alcohol is not there. It was hard, but I adjusted.”

Watch “Loud Krazy Love” on Showtime starting Thursday, Dec. 14.