GLOUCESTER, Va. (CBS Local) — Lisa and Seth Doyle say they’ve had their share of hardships during their 35-year marriage, but few challenges compare to the devastating diagnosis they both received just weeks apart.

Lisa was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer in July after several bouts of bronchitis that wouldn’t go away.

Then, just five weeks later, her husband, Seth, was also diagnosed with lung cancer after his face started sagging and he suffered memory loss.

“His is terminal, it spread to his brain,” Lisa told WAVY. “He has 14 tumors in his body.”

“I may have a year, a year and a half,” Seth said.

The Doyles live in Gloucester, Virginia. They share four children and three grandchildren.

“I’m not scared about me dying, because I’m going to a better place,” Seth said. “I’m scared of leaving her here all by herself, sick, bills rolling in, that’s what scares me the most.”

Why did this couple get lung cancer at basically the same time? The Doyles were smokers, but doctors say their lung cancer is not related to smoking

“I’ve read that with cancer … usually it’s linked to some kind of major trauma,” Lisa said. “We lost our son a few years ago and it was unimaginable grief.”

Seth spent his life working on floors and believes he was exposed to asbestos.

“It’s in God’s hands and I’m putting my faith in that and I am hoping for a miracle,” Lisa said.