(CBS Local)– “FBI” returns with a new episode Tuesday night on CBS and the team is in the thick of it with an investigation into a mass casualty event at a New York City restaurant.

Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine and Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille are right in the middle of it all and CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith got the chance to chat with the actors who play those parts in Jeremy Sisto and Alana De La Garza about the final two episodes of season three.

“I loved coming back because originally at the beginning of my career, I was with the Dick Wolff family,” said De La Garza. “I love joining that family again. I’m a new character and I get to be the boss this time. It’s a whole different dynamic. I really enjoy all the character development that you get and little tidbits that you learn along the way. Each person gets to have an episode that digs more into their backstory. You get to see how you roll and bring it. I love all of that.”

“It’s been great to watch Dick Wolf at work,” said Sisto. “When I was on Law & Order, I came in on year 17 and the machine was up and running. I’ve been able to observe how Dick puts one of these things together. It’s been great to see. His writers have created a show that is true to how the FBI works. It’s always exciting and it leaves just enough room to expand these characters into what can feel like real people.”

Tonight’s episode is the second to last of season three and the series has already been greenlit for season four. Both actors love the storytelling that has been incorporated into the third season and that can certainly be seen in the dynamics between Special Agent Castille and Special Agent Valentine.

“Some stuff comes to fruition in a pretty big way,” said Sisto. “A few episodes ago, one of our agents had a bomb around her neck. This was a plot to escape the clutches of the FBI from a very big drug lord Antonio Vargas. Alana’s character Isobel had to go out on a limb and release the guy in order to save Elise. Some of the higher-ups we learn have been questioning her abilities because of that and she is passed over for a promotion. This all happens right around the time that we catch Antonio Vargas again. Isobel has to go out on a further limb and lie to her higher-ups and bring me in on it in order to take some really big chances. We’re pulling out all the stops.”

“In the episode, you’ll see so many different emotions from Isobel because of her passion in getting this guy and her passion about doing her job right,” said De La Garza. “There’s the dilemma of having a new boss and the dynamic between Jubal and Isobel and where does he stand and who are you going to fight for.”

Watch “FBI” tonight at 9pm EST/PST on CBS and stream the whole series on Paramount+.