11-21-12 Sports Hub with Mike Claiborne: Richard Billingsley, Gary Pinkel, Scotty Highmark, Doug Elgin and Ray Glier
CLAIBORNE: What's Most Important For The Dome?If the Rams feel this is a one-sided venture taken solely by the city, then they can take their team -- and their water carriers -- to whatever community can give them the farm they are seeking.
CLAIBORNE: New Ownership To Inherit Same Old ProblemsThe day is finally here. The St. Louis Blues will have a new owner. Here we go again.
CLAIBORNE: Blues Are Penalized For Delay Of GameNow that the trade deadline has come and gone, we may as well say "here we go again" again.
CLAIBORNE: So Now I'm Supposed To Be Excited?Because of how ownership has treated St. Louis with the posturing about the lease and the moving of a game to London, I have lost interest.
CLAIBORNE: Here Come The Spring SportsNow that winter has elected to bypass us, I guess it is time to focus on the spring sports. You know: basketball, hockey, and yes, baseball.
CLAIBORNE: Settle Down, Blues Fans -- More Is NeededWhile they have been winning, I am not sure if they know how to win... that is, against teams when it really counts.
CLAIBORNE: Here We Go AgainThe Rams have set a milestone of sorts as they are now on another coaching search.
Reardon Football Challenge: Week SeventeenThe results are in for Week 17. Wheeler and Reardon are tied for first place with 39 points. The challenge will continue with a tiebreaker on Wild Card weekend! Check back to see who wins.
CLAIBORNE: Bring On The SECThe Tigers and their fans will get a taste of what it will take to compete.
Reardon Football Challenge: Week SixteenThis week's scores are in and Wheeler has taken the lead with 37 points. Reardon is a close second with 36 points.