Concerned About Attacks, Realtors Carrying Guns on the Job "We're very vulnerable as real estate agents." - Rhonda Galentine, Keller Williams
Missouri Teen in State Custody Goes Online to Defend Mom "They were saying that she's the cause of my pain. How crazy does that sound?" 17-year-old Isaiah Rider
Another Mo. Family Fights to Get Son Back After Disputes with Doctors"We felt completely helpless," says mother Tiffany Adams.
Author and Attorney: Medical Kidnapping of Children is Very Real"You go into the emergency room, you really bare your soul ... All that information is used against you," says Beth Maloney.
Expert Questions Why Missouri Teen Remains in State Custody"Isaiah currently is doing really quite poorly medically even though Michelle, his mom, has had only closely supervised access to him." - Dr. Marc Feldman
Missouri Family Maintains They're Victims of "Medical Kidnapping""I didn't know that people could take your children like this, because you disagreed or because you wanted a second opinion." - Michelle Rider
They Live to Ride and Ride to Church"And now I can go to church too and not feel like a misfit."
Campus Sexual Assault: Why Victims Stay SilentVictims are confused about who is really in authority and able to take action.
Campus Sexual Assault: Victims Traumatized by the System"I think it's outrageous that they would let someone who actively harmed someone on their campus just stay like that."
Special Report: Children for Sale - Part FiveAs you've heard on KMOX this week, countless children are being forced into an underground sex trade. Sold night after night. Are we ready to stop it?
Special Report: Children for Sale - Part FourAbout 5 years ago, Kimberly Ritter was asked by a group to find them a hotel that took a stand against trafficking. "When they said child sex trafficking, I had no idea what it was. I thought it was something that happened in a third world country."
Special Report: Children for Sale - Part ThreeFederal officials estimate there are hundreds of thousands of victims of child sex trafficking in the United States. Many forced into it as teenagers.

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