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KERBER: The Next Number The Blues Should Retire Is....You won’t find him near the top in all time franchise list categories of goals, assists, points, hat tricks, or power play goals. He does rank 5th all-time in games played and 9th all time in penalty minutes. Right now Bob may be best known for his love of the Blues, nonstop jokes, and two bar locations in Valley Park and St. Charles. But Bob fits the profile of another kind of all-time great.
KERBER: The Older (Experienced) Coach?It’s an intriguing trend in sports. Can and older coach with old school ways be effective? Will younger players respond? Can the more experienced coach relate to today’s athlete? Which coach is best fit for where the organization sits in the building/winning process?
KERBER: 5 Sports ShortsThe NHL Hall of Fame Class is very deserving, the current NHL CBA is scheduled to expire in September, I am dumbfounded with a horrifying trend and there are always intriguing stories that come out of the Olympics.
KERBER: As Finals Near, Can the NHL Move Forward?There have been some tremendous positives and now there is the chance it can culminate in a New York / Los Angeles Final.
KERBER - Blues Need Some Luck On Their SideThe only thing standing between the St. Louis Blues and what could be an exciting second half and playoff run is luck. With that luck comes the most important thing and that is health. If the St. Louis Blues are lucky enough to not just get healthy, but stay healthy, they could have one of the more memorable seasons in a long time.
KERBER: Reaction To Goalie's Snub Of White House Is InsaneSports and social issues will always be intertwined. It does not mean it’s a comfortable relationship for fans, but it’s there. Thomas had a strong belief and felt this was an opportunity to show it.
KERBER: Last Night Was Benchmark Game For HalakThis was the first real pressure game he has played as a Blue. Combining where the team is in the standings with the beginning of the second half, it’s a road game and in his old building. It’s a game where he had to control his emotions in order to win, and a game where he no doubt wanted a win badly.
KERBER: Blues Doing Exactly What's Needed Right Now

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