Brett Blume

Brett Blume has been employed as a news reporter at KMOX since September 2002.

 Brett Blume

(Emily Lucarz Photography)

Brett is a life-long resident of the St. Louis area, having grown up in a neighborhood in Bridgeton that now lies underneath the new St. Louis Lambert International Airport runway.

His family moved to Troy, Illinois, when Brett was 14, and he graduated from Triad High School.

He attended SIU-Edwardsville, and shortly after receiving a Mass Communications degree in 1986, Brett began working at a series of ever-larger radio stations, bouncing around the St. Louis area and Southern Illinois.

Brett has worked in St. Louis for several years, and prior to KMOX, he was a reporter for St. Louis Public Radio, KWMU.

Brett married the former Kathleen Crowe of Mascoutah, Illinois, in May 1990. Their son, Devin Charles Blume, was born Feb. 6, 1998.

The Blumes currently live near Edwardsville, Illinois.

Quick Questions with Brett

Favorite restaurant? Lion’s Choice
Favorite St. Louis attraction? Missouri Botanical Garden
Favorite music? 70s and 80s Rock ‘n’ Roll
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Jamaica
Person who made the most impact on you? Mom and Dad
If you could only keep three possessions, what would they be? Car, house, family photo
If you are not at work, you’re probably doing what? Sleeping
If you won the lottery, what would you do? Retire and travel the world
If you could interview one person, who would that be? Film director James Cameron
What is your strongest personal quality? Good listener


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