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  1. Jos says:

    What’s great is how the OVERNIGHTS are still the most important thing in the gdamodn world to the nets. They care about the +7 s info only after they’ve already had panic attacks about low overnights or put out press releases rewarding high overnights. Which is dumb, because, hello, you KNOW the +7 s are going to be coming in eventually, which could change things a bit (maybe not much, but I mean are these good indicators anyway? See below* for more on that). Anyway, an interesting thing about this whole +7 situation is that it basically means no advertisers are having their commercials viewed during any of the above shows. People fastforward through the commercials on their DVRs and TIVOs, so, I mean, I guess this really doesn’t help the advertisers at all, either. *Here’s what needs to happen. TV Networks need to be able to have their shows work like YouTube videos, so they can see the ACTUAL number of views. Put them on any time, and just see how many hits they get; it’s a firm way to decide if the shows should stay on the schedule. Everything, really, should be run like Hulu. Advertisements that you’re forced to watch tacked onto programs that you get to watch whenever you choose, and the networks/advertisers get to see the actual amount of views (hits) the shows are getting.

  2. Daanaar says:

    You’re absolutely right. The FOX snpeidert was stupid to shift Fringe over so it was on opposite Supernatural and then to publicly diss Supernatural like it wasn’t worth a single thought. Well, Fringe’s ratings dropped to 3 million which is dismal on a big network like Fox and TVBN is already predicting it will be pulled before its 22-episode order is completed. (I hope for the sake of Fringe fans they at least get a proper ending.) Meanwhile, Supernatural is still on top of the heap on the CW, just behind The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle in spite of the fact it is in its seventh season, is on Fridays and it is up against a similar genre show on a much, much bigger network.

  3. Eklo says:

    Hi Dustin,I’ve enjoyed rianedg your blogs. You have an awful lot going on right now! This must be a pretty exciting time in your life. I appreciate your advice on exercise, and your comment to Tyler regarding such. Just goes to show how important it is. My baby boy John has CF (his dad is blogging for this campaign as well on baby John’s behalf), and although he can’t even walk yet, we are looking forward to doing all sorts of fun activities with him as he grows older. We do a lot of walking with him in his stroller, and he loves being outside. It will be nice to go on hikes with him when he gets a little older. We are hoping for a hockey player, but will be happy as long as he stays active and takes good care of himself! All the best to you, and I look forward to rianedg your future blogs about your journey with CF. Gillian

  4. Chandan says:

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