1. Ed Golterman says:

    Versitile use of Scottrade. Very good. We will know on September 8th if the promise broken 16 years ago and now kept by Dave Checketts can save Downtown St. Louis. If it is done right. It can. If it is not done right. It wont. This is a once in a century urban blockbuster-the opening or reopening of such a place as Kiel Opera House. April 1934. October 2011. Not sure many understand significance. We will know on September 9th.

  2. FreeDumFrom says:

    Why are they carrying weapons? And who would those weapons be pointed at? They look like Military not police?

    1. Melvin Tracy says:

      Where R there sooo many terriorists that would demand this type of response? Wake up and realize it is against American citizens who will revolt, like the rest of the world has revolted. Criminal’s ( the Banksters and politicians ) have run this game on all of us
      Marshall law will come from Obama the self appointed dictator, with.the military complex supporting him.

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