• Buffalo Wild Wings
  1. Mohmoud says:

    Lillie -It is so good to hear from you!! I am glad that you are ectxied about our adventure, happy about our calling/journey and are being blessed by His amazing work in our lives. Thanks so much for your prayers they are so powerful! We would love it if you would share our page with family and friends. It is our prayer that by sharing our spiritual adventure through this blog, we would be an inspiration to others. You are a great encouragement to us! Give my greetings to everyone at work Blessings, Carol

  2. Nilma says:

    Thank goodness there is this wetisbe to help people when they need it! I always run into issues with my computer that take me eternity to fix! And questions about random things that noone seems to be able to answer! Next time I’m definitely asking Mom’s Guru!!! Thanks!

  3. Teresa says:

    I shared those snleit screams during the recent CA Gubenatorial debates once I got done screaming out loud about the Green Party candidate being excluded from the Green debate. Is this a democracy or only a pretend one? Ugh.As it was, I had to turn it off and go for a run around the block because I was so angry at the nonsense and logical fallacies being spewed by both monied official two party hacks. I’d prefer to use other language to characterize the Big Two hooligans but it’s not at all respectful or civil. I was surprised by this, Perhaps a Democrat or two and a Green Party candidate in Arkansas said that the Bush tax cuts for the rich ought to be allowed to lapse A Green said that?! Being a Californian, I’m not used to hearing Greens that fly in the face of our 10 Key Values.In any event, I share those screams all-too often. There are better ways to do things. But for the owning-class, or at least those among them who insist on behaving this way, we might be using those better ways this very day.

  4. Gianluca says:

    Plastic Surgery Poland.Thank you for this request. Please feel free to share my blogs with your Facebook ifernds.Peace,Valerie

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