• Buffalo Wild Wings
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  3. Kirti says:

    Chief that was very well put but one important thing to add you and Your Fellow Officers and Firefighters and our People in the Service are doing what they want to do not bcsauee they are being forced too. Some including PD will run into a Gunfight risking their lives to save someone they do not even know, Maybe even the Bad Guy from being killed by a mob, Then they will say Well I was just doing what I get paid to do . Most know it is not about the MoneyA Police Officer 24 hour a day is sometimes the first person a citizen will call or see and you become not only the Police but a Doctor, Lawyer, Priest, Landlord, Psychiatrist and more until You can determine what type of assistance the caller needs .Unfortunately a lot of People only remember and talk about their bad Experiences that they probably caused themselves then they judge Everyone by that , It is unfortunate the good things that are done on a daily basis go unnoticed .Since 9/11 the whole world has changed by that senseless act and we must never forget the sacrifices that were made then and now yrs latter by the people who are diligently protecting and watching out for us allThank You for being there and Leading by example and Your Department for making this a safer City for us allDon Crozier Sr.Ps I know you read and approve post Sometimes I do not have the best spelling or grammar so if you see something that looks bad or inappropriate Please , at 65 and a few to many head injuries Not as sharp as I use to be Thanks Don C

  4. Sapna says:

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  5. Geraldine says:

    This website is a preceft example of how the internet serves to provide a public platform for people who otherwise couldn’t organize their thoughts, in order to foist their uninformed, unreasoned, bombastic, lurid agenda on other naive, unquestioning people, who latch onto sensationalism as a form of entertainment. Nearly dead ? Really? Because I have seen the nearly dead, and trust me they don’t look anything like Kimi does in the starving picture. Strangely enough, Mr. Benson doesn’t provide a vet report to support his declaration. And any suggestion, large or small, that this shelter is in any way like Auschwitz is vile. Despite his allusions to an erudite background, apparently neither Mr. Benson or many of his admirers have ever been to Auschwitz, or can do more than recall some faint, high school history class notion of what happened at Auschwitz. Shame on you. Shame, shame, shame on you. If You the Public have a fervent desire to help animals, be a responsible volunteer. And for God’s sake, be a responsible person. Don’t take one person’s word (or website posting) for it. Use your eyes, your ears, your judgment. Go to the shelter, volunteer, look around, ask questions, listen to lots of people, do the grunt work, take lots of pictures, bring bleach and towels and food. Go to the county government meetings, watch what happens to the budget, demand a fair share for the shelter, and the people who work there. Or maybe some anonymous person with nothing but anecdotal evidence from people they don’t know or can identify, could show up at your job and demand you be fired. If you see something that needs to be reported report it. I don’t want to hear that you are afraid. Don’t snark around and file some anonymous posting or complaint you better do it in person, and loudly. But take warning, the rest of us will hold you to it; you don’t just get to care about the cute little puppies and kittens. You don’t get to create nifty little websites for cheeky smashups and self-promotion and call it job done. The rest of us will be watching.

  6. Mikel says:

    Great blog! I really love how it is erfoftless on my eyes and also the information is well written. I am wondering how I could be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which really should do the trick! Have a nice day!

  7. Beberoger says:

    I see quite a few blogs that look interesting and raelly worth a read. There’s absolutely nothing worse than browsing through countless blah blah blogs just to find a couple that hold ones interest. Thanks. Good work!

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