1. Herz says:

    Unca Jake,Thanks for the cmnemot and hope you’re having a great Independence Day!You know as I wrote the article, I wondered if the founding forefathers such as Washington and Jefferson would have succeeded in today’s world. With the ever-scrutinizing media and a society that seems to only regard sound bites rather than the depth of complex issues, it’s not clear whether the principles that they stood for would have risen above the irrelevant noise.The optimist in me won my internal argument and I concluded that they would still do well today. I do believe the sensationalized one-liner headlines will unfairly dog them, but ultimately, those with the best principles, who can convey them effectively and be persistent and true to their message, will rise. The democratizing nature of the Information Age would ensure it.

  2. Bhari says:

    I can see that you are ptunitg a lots of efforts into your blog. Keep posting the good work.Some really helpful information in there. Bookmarked. Nice to see your site. Thanks!

  3. Magnus says:

    A well timed post. Thanks. Personally, I am lknoiog for the next Jefferson who is willing to risk it all to step up and lead our country out of the morass we find ourselves in today. Unfortunately, I feel it is too late for this cycle, and we will have to endure much hardship for the next few years until the fires of adversity forge the resolve of that next Jefferson to step forward to lead a great nation out of the downward spiral it finds itself in.Happy Independence Day and let’s never forget those brave souls who boldly signed their own death warrants in order to live free!Unca Jake

  4. Ali says:

    You bring up a very good question I have been nidwerong about. What IS happening with the Freedom’s youth teams? Will they play this spring under the Freedom name? Is Clyde Watson still involved?

  5. Chisa says:

    I think the last hurrah for the Freedom youth teams was when the Super-Y’s went down to Florida last November and pelayd in the national championships (doing extremely well, I might add, with two championship trophies and a runner-up). Win Puffer and Clyde Watson went with them, but only on a volunteer basis. I think the whole structure that was built up under Jim Gabarra is gone now.

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