• Buffalo Wild Wings
  1. Adeshina says:

    Sorry but I disagree with the whole pccoent of women in combat, the same as in the cops. Ken, Grams & I saw you blow thru the obstacle course. The women were allowed to run around the cinderblock fence and avoid any other parts that were like the tire jumping part. Legs were too short. Also, they must be given Days off when they are PMSing or some other female peculiar ailment. I doubt the Iraqis are carrying around MIDAL just in case . They demand equality then yell for special treatament because I am a woman and can’t deal with it.Be really fair, democratic etc . let Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid lead the first charge and develop a draft for women . You would see how quickly the baby must have its mother’s milk pumping. Just out of bullet range and heaven help the Major who ordered the Mom to hang the baby in her backpack ready for next feeding.. If they want to fight, neuter them first.I have a REAL problem with minorities getting promoted ahead of better qualified and deserving to pay the quoto debt.Don’t get me started. We have lost a lot of excellent men in our peacekeeping effort for no real good reason. Should have sent some whiney women instread.

  2. Amera says:

    I agree. One thing I learned at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation class was the srinvewg and throttle control are both your friends. We did many srinvewg drills,as they believe that srinvewg out of the way of a hazard is infinitely better than laying the bike down. In fact, people will say I layed the bike down to avoid a crash. Well, they define that as a crash. Gunning the throttle at the right moment can take you out of the path of danger.I don’t have any Joe Rocket gear but I understand it’s good stuff. I mostly ride Olympia and Tourmaster.

  3. Nelson says:

    You can’t throw out a statement like Females are the weekar sex and expect to go unchallenged!!! Physically, we may be weekar than men if you want to count push-ups, but that’s where it ends. I do not, however, take issue with your opinion of feminization of our country. We have been made weak and ineffectual by losing the balance in our culture between the masculine and feminine. We, as a country and an American culture, need to embrace and practice more of the masculine traits that for too long have been denigrated and suppressed.

  4. Ramesh says:

    This is a really omnivg and beautiful tribute to courage and survival. I am impressed with the uniquness of each and every photo. You have treated these people with the greatest respect. Simply beautiful!!!!

  5. Suwanchanee says:

    Actually, I wasn’t obnoxious, she was. She came over, told me very arutpbly that I had to leave, and became angry when I politely explained to her the law regarding public photography. She became angry, then threatened to call the cops on me. I told her not to bother calling the cops,one was parked under the tree in the parking lot, go get him. She got mad and stomped of.As for the upset parents, who cares? If they don’t want their precious little darlings photographed, lock them up inside.

  6. Maria says:

    I don’t often see politicians on the right using nuusual incidents to try and take away rights. If they did, I would be just as disgusted.As I pointed out, these guys know this law had nothing to do with either of these shootings, so yes, therefore they are con artists.One can be sincerely and honestly against gun rights aka the Constitution. It just means they are ill-informed about our history and selective in their support of the Constitution. These pols, however, are just shameful opportunists.

  7. Gary says:

    I wish the police were more out to help us. I know we need them but I’m not lnikig where they’ve evolved over the last 30 years basically since the drug war escalated and in conjunction with expansion of other parts of government.I don’t trust them a lick.All you have to do is see who becomes Lt and Captains to see that something isn’t right in most police forces.

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