1. D’awwwwww, OlliePup

    1. Ricardo says:

      just waetnd to tell you that my beagle loves, loves, loves your pumpkin. i put h=it on her food daily and it’s the first thing she grabs in the dish! i just found your recipe for pumpkin cookies so i’m going to try these next.thanks,mary cofrancesco

    2. Pintu says:

      Thank you for shnirag. One of my readers from Spain just asked if I would blog about this. So heartbreaking so many animals needing help we will share your blog and hope the hands of help reach out across the globe.

    3. Shashi says:

      Hi Y’all,Since my posts are usually uesedhlcd a couple days to a week in front, depending on my own hectic schedule, todays was up and running before I ever got out of bed to join the Hop. Yawn. My posts for my pet issue, adoption and rescue, somehow ended up being always on Thursday. My pet peeves, picking up poop when you travel and safe travel, well I just finished a travel and anxiety series. We’ve got a poop one comin’ up in a week or two. Can’t say enough about it, but there is only so many ways to address the subject.Unfortunately sometimes I feel like we are preachin’ to the choir . The culprits out there are not readin’ our messages. Maybe they just don’t care? We’re just readin’ each others? Like a good choir we’re all singin’ the same tune? BrownDog’s Human

  2. Francisbene says:

    Thank you for this very itafrmonive post. These poor animals clearly need our help and I will be stopping by to donate today.

  3. Joe says:

    What a great idea. I didn’t see this until after I had posted my post, but I think my post fits in some way. I have two nossiaps pet adoption and stopping puppy mills. I believe I will have a post to add on the 2nd one soon, but the first one I’ve covered in a different way.I’m going to read through the rest of the blogs and see how I can help.Love this idea!

  4. Monica says:

    Mr. T. March 30, 2011 I have some stories about Match. One woman weiknd at me, I wrote back, we went back and forth a few times, and she had a change of heart. I can accept that. Here’s where I saw the writing on the wall: Between me writing to her and her writing me back, there were times where she did NOT write, but was online now. She shouldn’t put all of her eggs into one basket of course, but that was very telling, and when she broke it off, it wasn’t shocking to me.Also, in a way, if I send a woman a wink or e-mail and she does the iggy as I prefer, I kind of wish she would block me from viewing her profile, because I send so many, I know that one of these days, I’m going to wink or e-mail a woman TWICE, and that’s going to freak her out.

  5. Germain says:

    Fantastic idea but since we weren’t at Blog Paws we weren’t aware of this. So we wrote on a lighter cbjuest. Paying it forward is always a good concept to put into practice.

  6. Joan says:

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