• Buffalo Wild Wings
  1. Grecia says:

    Caps have done petrty well against this defensive club this year, winning twice by the same score, 4-1, although it sounds like Beantown has tightened up their defensive system as of late. This would be a nice game for Ovie to break out of his funk, but I suspect that is more likely to happen against Armpittsburg tomorrow. It would also be a nice game to see the Caps practice the two things it takes to beat a good defensive system, given their speed getting the pucks in deep ( dumpnchase ) and creating lots of traffic in front of Rask or Thomas. Laich and Knuble should just pitch tents right in front of the crease all night long, and force Chara to send himself to the box.

  2. Emiko says:

    Absolutely amazing and niekcsing! The Islamists defile, threaten and spout biased lies about other religions all day long. But if you have the audacity to question the link between the US taxpayer money and a government-supported mosque in Boston, you are immediately slapped with lawsuits by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and other low-life quasi legal entities.Here is another example of outrageous behaviour by the US government as it meekly tries to appease 24 Islamist soldiers in the US Marines at Quantico.Last week, military brass — along with representatives from the terror-tied CAIR — dedicated the first Muslim prayer center Mosque for the Marines as a symbol of the military’s “religious tolerance” and “respect” for the faith the enemy uses to attack us. * Where is the ACLU?* Where is the outrage against US taxpayer money spent on promoting religion?* Where are the lawyers who preach separation of relion and government?Shame on the United States Marine Corp. for doing such a disservice to our fighting men by building a Mosque on one of it’s bases. On base, they’re all Marines. There are no Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, Latter Day Saints, Buddists, Pagans or Muslims. Just Marines. If the Muslim jarheads want a place to worship, let them go off base and spend their own money, not US taxpayer dollars.Take a look at the following excerpts from Paul Sperry’s on the US Goverment’s decision to build Mosques on Marine bases.Quantico has only 24 Muslims on base, so the mosque — the first of its kind in the 230-year history of the Corps — will also serve to introduce and draw other Marines to the faith.Already, plans are in the works to build by 2009 a bigger mosque at the Marine base in Quantico so Muslim service members can have a “proper place” to worship, and one that “honors their religious heritage,” officials say, not realizing that the mosque can also be used by the enemy to build a Fifth Column inside the Marines.The first principle of war is knowing your enemy and what motivates him. The PC-addled Pentagon seems to have forgotten that rule.

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