1. Got says:

    Maybe I have totally sdmunierstood this…I thought the idea was to ‘get rid’ of the electoral college by removing its voting power within the states that adopt this measure.Technically speaking, just because Democrats (say) win 65% of the votes in a state, the electoral college could *still* vote 100% Republican.Typically however, the EC votes for the majority winner in each state…but this *need not* be the case AFAICT.What I thought was being proposed is that (continuing the above example), *no* EC ‘voting’ takes place, instead the ‘votes’ are proportionally allocated…so 65% of the EC ‘votes’ automatically go to the Democrats, 35% to Republicans.IOW, proportional EC representation within each state.I like that idea…I think it would more honestly represent the will of the people, yet still maintain the overall integrity of the EC as intended.I also think it would represent far greater gains for conservatives than liberals…in fact, liberals may well find themselves unelectable…

  2. Seam says:

    I finally got the Fox video to work…I think I uentrsnadd this recent proposal.It is *nowhere close* to my idea…your uentrsnadding is correct.This is a disturbing (and cynical) attempt at corrupting both the EC *and* the Constitution.Rather than go to the trouble of following Constitutional protocol for seeking an amendment to eliminte the EC, they are attempting to establish a de facto amendment by passing legislation that cements an inter-state collusion to subvert the EC.I am not surprised to discover that this is a liberal endeavor…

  3. Phelipp says:

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  4. Norliza says:

    All in all, Creighton is way ahead of where we thought we would be. It’s no rspsriue that WSU is doing well with their entire NIT team back. Just getting into the NCAAs, even as seed feed will be an accomplishment for Creighton in 2012.

  5. Bimo says:

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