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  1. pete bell says:

    question………….can someone tell me what happened in 1960 that Jack was not
    broadcasting Cardinal baseball…….thanx much


    1. Betsy Buck Beuckman says:

      That was the summer he painted our fence in the backyard. He was an awful painter haha.

      Buck started broadcasting Cardinals games for KMOX radio in 1954, teaming with Harry Caray, Milo Hamilton (1954), and Joe Garagiola (from 1955). Buck was dropped from the Cardinals booth in 1959 to make room for Buddy Blattner; the following year, he called Saturday Game of the Week telecasts for ABC. Buck was re-hired by the Cardinals in 1961 after Blattner departed; Garagiola left the following year, leaving Caray and Buck as the team’s broadcast voices through 1969.After Caray was fired by the Cardinals following the 1969 season, Buck ascended to the team’s lead play-by-play role. (Oddly enough, 1969 was also the year that Jack Buck divorced his first wife [March 1969] Alyce Larson – who he had married in 1948 and had six children with – and married his second wife [March 1969] Carole Lintzenich, who gave birth to their son Joe Buck in the same year, April 1969).Buck teamed with ex-Yankees and Pirates announcer Jim Woods in 1970–71. In 1972, retired Cardinals third baseman Mike Shannon joined Buck in the broadcast booth, beginning a 28-year partnership.

  2. mike brown says:

    i listened to jack buck since 1957. i heard him broadcast cardinal baseball, cardinals football. saint louis university basketball games, missouri football games and nfl games. i heard him being a master of ceremonies, the best. i heard him do a morning show on kmox, the country’s best radio station. i heard him do drive time, sports open line and interviews.
    jack buck may have been the most versatile radio announcer there has been. he was also a quality person. i have heard countless stories of his helping people, his charitable work and his generosity.
    he was also humble, an excepional person and i miss listening to him very much. i get chills when i hear playbacks of his calls. he was kmox, st. louis and one of a kind.

  3. Bankerman says:

    “The Voice of St. Louis” is a catch phrase for KMOX. You don’t need to go any futher trying to figure out who’s voice that describes than Jack Buck.

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