Charlie Brennan

Charlie Brennan – December 16 – Devon Allman; Brent Dalrymple and Debbie Robertson of Sunrise Tours; Don Corrigan; Al Goldman; Daniel McFarland

Charlie talks with Brent Dalrymple and Debbie Robertson of Sunrise Tours; with Devon Allman with the Nat’l Blues Museum; with Don Corrigan, author of Environmental Missouri; with Chief Stock Market Strategist Al Goldman; with STL Entrepreneur Daniel McFarland; and with Dorothy Coyle and Mary Beth Herr of Coyle & Herr about Chicago in December and their new business.


Charlie Brennan – December 15 – Economist Stephen Moore; Dick Coyle and Dorothy Eden on Battle of the Bulge; Keith Clinton on Managing Anger

Charlie with Noted Economist Stephen Moore on the budget deal and gas prices; and with Battle of the Bulge War Veteran Dick Coyle, and Dorothy Eden, whose husband, Alvin, was Provost Sergeant over a group of German war prisoners. Charlie and Debbie talk with Dellwood Resident and Jennings Junior High Instructor Keith Clinton about his book, “Manage Anger Now 101”.


Charlie Brennan – December 12, 2014 – Kevin Gagnepain of El Monstero, Chapman University’s Joel Kotkin, Major Lonneal Richardson of the Salvation Army

Charlie and Debbie talk with Kevin Gagnepain of El Monstero; Charlie talks with Chapman University’s Joel Kotkin about St. Louis’s challenges, post-Ferguson; and with Major Lonneal Richardson, Midland Divisional Commander of the Salvation Army.


Charlie Brennan – December 11 — Danny Aiello; Al Michaels; Bill McDermott; STL Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson

Charlie with Actor Danny Aiello, NBC Sports Broadcaster Al Michaels, and Soccer Analyst Bill McDermott; Charlie and Debbie talk with STL Fire Chief Dennis Jenkerson about the Salvation Army Firemen’s Bell Ringing.


Charlie Brennan – December 10 – Greg LeMond, Dr. Mark Hom, Steve Jarvi of SLSO

Charlie talks with Pioneering Cyclist Greg LeMond and Dr. Mark Hom about their new book,”The Science of Fitness”; and with Steve Jarvi, Resident Conductor for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra about the Symphony’s/Macy’s Holiday Celebration series of concerts.


Charlie Brennan – December 9 – Lucie Arnaz; STL Entrepreneur Andrea Robertson

Charlie and Debbie talk with surprise guest, Lucie Arnaz, who is starring in the Peabody Opera House production of “Pippin”; and Charlie talks with STL Entrepreneur Andrea Robertson, founder of Triflare.


Charlie Brennan – December 8 – Mike Shannon; Thad Simons of Yield Lad; and Market Strategist Al Goldman

Charlie and Debbie ask STL Cardinals Broadcaster Mike Shannon if it’s O.K. for parents to cancel Christmas as punishment to their children, or to teach a lesson in gratitude and giving. Charlie talks with Thad Simons of Yield Lab; and with Chief Stock Market Strategist Al Goldman.


Charlie Brennan – December 5 – Michael McDonald of Doobie Brothers & Steely Dan; Bevis Schock and Hugh Eastwood, St. Louis Attorneys

Charlie talks with Michael McDonald,Ferguson MO native, and formerly a member of The Doobie Brothers and Steely, about a time of healing for Ferguson and the St. Louis area; and with STL Attorneys Bevis Schock and Hugh Eastwood, who are representing Charlie in his speed camera ticket case — the case was heard before the Missouri Supreme Court this past Tues., 12/2/2014.


Charlie Brennan – November 28 – Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen, Author of The Andy Cohen Diaries

Charlie broadcasts LIVE from the Budweiser Brew House and features St. Louis Native and Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen, author of “The Andy Cohen Diaries”.


Charlie Brennan – Tuesday, November 25 – Rachel Smith; Dr. Martin Rochester; Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder; John Zisser; Dellwood Mayor Reggie Jones; Former Ferguson Mayor Brian Fletcher; Mo.State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed

Charlie on riots and protesters in Ferguson area last night with Prosecutor Rachel Smith, Dr. Martin Rochester, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, CBS News Legal Consultant Andrew Cohen, John Zisser of Zisser Tire & Auto, whose business was looted for the second time last night, Dellwood MO Mayor Reggie Jones, former Ferguson Mayor Brian Fletcher, and Mo. State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed.


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