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REARDON: Rock Music Is In Trouble

This year’s Coachella Valley music festival in California has no rock act among its headliners for the first time in its 19-year history.


REARDON: Push Fear Aside & Don’t Put Off Things You Want To Accomplish

My friend Andrew had a philosophy he lived by – anything can happen to anyone at any time and FEAR shouldn’t be involved in our decisions to live life.


WATCH: Burger King Explains Net Neutrality With Brilliant Ad

Burger King’s “Whopper Neutrality” campaign caught some customers off guard.


Greitens: ‘This Is A Mistake That I Made, But It’s Not Who I Am’

“Mark, there was not blackmail, there was no photograph for a threat of blackmail, there was no threat of violence, there was no violence. Those things are false.”


REARDON: I Want To Believe In Greitens, But It’s Getting Difficult

Governor Greitens: Answer questions, say you’re sorry and make it clear that this didn’t happen again outside of this incident and that it won’t happen again.


How Brain Damage Can Turn Some People Into Sudden Geniuses

How can brain damage turn people into geniuses? The BBC looked into the phenomenon.


REARDON: Will The New STL Police Chief Be Able To Tackle Violent Crime?

I had the chance to visit in-studio this week with newly appointed St. Louis Police Chief John Hayden and I came away really impressed.


REARDON: Top 10 Films of 2017

I believe it’s federal law that movie critics put together a Top 10 list every year, and I’ve been a critic since 1988 and I haven’t missed one, yet.


REARDON: Want Change? Don’t Sit On The Sidelines

This whole “anti-establishment” movement is backfiring on the voters who are most demanding of a change.


REARDON: There’s Always Another Side To The Story

The Matt Lauer accusations lead people to wonder who’s next. And when will it all stop? We’re at the point of sexual misconduct fatigue.


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