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Parents: Don’t Be Afraid!

I believe in spanking.


DANIEL: Dealing With Rejection On The Field Or Court

How does an 11-year-old handle his first real rejection?


DANIEL: Dear Mr. Cain

I was going to write about the college republicans bake sale prices for Whites, Asians, Blacks, Latinos and women in California. It is distasteful to me but I also thought, “what’s new.”


DANIEL: Date Interrupted

Have you ever felt like you lost time? A few hours or an entire weekend? It’s not hard to do and it’s not always a waste of time but even unexpected time spent in unexpected places will impact your calendar. Take for example, plans for a romantic dinner with you husband never getting off the ground because of one phone call.


DANIEL: Tales Of A Shopping Addict

I believe a lot of men will not understand the behavior I am about to describe. I get that. But many more of you will.


DANIEL: 9/11 Memories

I was taking my 19 month son to daycare that morning. Our 5-year-old had just started kindergarten weeks earlier. Both were completely unaware of my mood or the mood of the nation.


DANIEL: PC – Not Politically Correct – But Parent Confessions

A lawsuit was dismissed against an Illinois mother over what her ungrateful children (now grown) felt was ‘bad mothering.’ The 23-year-old son and and 20-year-old daughter won’t get the $50-thousand they were seeking over claims of ’emotional distress’ but we all get a lesson in what does NOT constitute bad parenting.


DANIEL: Step Away From The Hair Dye!

As a mother, I keep a watchful eye over how my sons are treated by other adults. Today, I have something to say to the Grafton, Illinois father who is waving the constitution at school board members claiming, “my baby girl’s constitutional rights have been violated.”


PHOTOS: Family Memories

I am first and foremost a mother and wife. My husband Patrick and I are celebrating 16 years of marriage. We are also proud and exhausted parents of two sons.


PHOTOS: Throughout The Years

Check out these photos of some of my favorite moments throughout the years.


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