TIAM: Syria Ups The AntiWhat is happening in Syria?
TIAM: The DNC Is Getting Under Way, Organic Food & TV Guide's Matt RoushIt's time for Charlotte to shine and just how good is organic food anyway?
TIAM: Tampa Is The Focus & Jimmy Kimmel Makes A Big MoveWe cover the RNC and TV Guide's Matt Roush joins us as well.
TIAM: It's Been 1 Year Since Osama Bin Laden Was Killed, Your MSD Bill Is Going To Go Up, The American Red Cross Is Honoring Heroes & TV Guide's Matt Roush Joined UsOsama Bin Laden has been dead a year now. MSD is off the federal hook. Honoring read heroes. Ryan Seacrest continues his efforts to be on all major media.
TIAM: The Afghan Massacre, Credit Reports To Check Job Applicans & Mad Men Returns!The Afghan killings and what's happened since then. Your credit report may help you get a job. TV Guide's Matt Roush.
TIAM: Super Tuesday Talk, Can The Police Search Your Cell Phone? Over-Scheduled Kids & Sarah PalinIs everything super on this Tuesday? What happens if the police search your cell phone? Over-scheduled kids and TV Guide's Matt Roush
TIAM: And Now It's On To South Carolina! The Auto Show & Consumer Electronics ShowWe talked about yesterday's primary in New Hampshire. Plus, we hit both the Consumer Electronics Show and Detroit Auto Show as well.
TIAM: Business Is Making Big Profits. NH Primary Tomorrow & Coffee Is Good For You!Business makes more money. How about you? GOP hopefuls want to win in NH tomorrow. Coffee is good for you!
Total Information AM - Monday, March 21st.Sagar Meghani of the A.P. spoke with Doug and Dan about the Tomahawk cruise missiles and precision bombs dropped on Libya, and we heard from Jill Schlesinger of CBS MoneyWatch, Paul Brandus of the West Wing Report, and rock journalist Neil Strauss.

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