Aisha & Debbie Dish: Sexy Costumes, Losing Things, RelaxingEnough with all women's Halloween costumes being "sexy"; anxiety of losing treasured possessions; Dr. Thomas talks alternatives to relieving anxiety!
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Post-Harvey W, Sexual Harrassment & Online SafetyCall it the Weinstein Watershed Moment--everyone is talking sexual harrassment, #MeToo, will it change anything? And keeping kids safe on social media.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Growing Up, Play Dates & Kicking AddictionKids are NOT growing up too fast, opposite may be true, says new study. Some rules for playdates. And what to do when your child can't kick an addiction. Vince Hillyer of Great Circle joins us. 
Here Come the Holidays! Need A Little Help?Do the holidays stress you out instead of bringing your family joy? Here's a gift: expert help to turn this season into your family's best yet. Read on.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Your Junk, Your Sleep & the American DreamWe talk junk (or treasure?), is the American Dream dead? And the chairman of the National Sleep Foundation, Dr. Joseph Ojile, discusses our sleep issues.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Harvey Havoc, Sports Injuries & Popularity BAD?Houston-native Aisha discusses horrors of Harvey; Dr. Drew Blackman of St. Luke's on sports injuries in kids; can being popular be a BAD thing?
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Hamilton, Malala & ChessLessons from "Hamilton" the musical, Malala and chess!
Aisha & Debbie Dish: 13 Reasons Why & the B-day ChallengeAisha & Debbie Dish about the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why." Should your kids watch it? Should you? And Aisha unveils her birthday challenge, already successfully underway.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: The Sleep EpisodeOn podcast #15, Deb's insights on why Dutch kids are the happiest in the world (having just been there), and sleep expert Kelly Weygandt of Clayton Babies Sleeping Consulting joins us to discuss sleep, why it's crucial and what we're doing wrong!
Mark Reardon: Reardon Roundtable & Gavin MacLeod From "The Love Boat"Gavin MacLeod -- a.k.a. Captain Stubing from "The Love Boat" -- has a new memoir out. It's titled "This Is Your Captain Speaking: My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith and Life."
Mark Reardon: Discussion Over Veto Of House Bill 235 & Snapchat Taking OverDiscussion Over Veto Of House Bill 235 & Snapchat Taking Over
Mark Reardon: Bob Barker & Reardon RoundtableFormer "Price Is Right" host Bob Barker joins us to discuss Washington University's decision to no longer use cats in its PALS training.

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