With 2 Weeks To Go, New Missouri Poll Gives Edge To McCaskill, RomneyMcCaskill holds 46% to 40% edge over challenger Akin in U.S. Senate race.
Akin Campaign Ads to Return to TV The U-S Senate candidate says viewers should expect to see his ads all the way until Election Day.
Time For Talking Over, Primary Voters Head To Polls TuesdaySenate, Congressional races should lure Missourians to polling places.
Brunner Backs Romney During Senate DebateJohn Brunner, Todd Akin and Sarah Steelman debate issues Friday night
Stage Three Socialism or A Great Victory for Americans?Missouri Congressmen offer widely different views of healthcare ruling
Is EPA Using Drones Over Missouri?Congressman Todd Akin asks EPA if it's using unmanned aircraft to spy on farmers
Akin Wants Registry to Track Victims of Burn PitsPiles of garbage mixed with toxins burned near U.S. troops
Carnahan Says Fundraising Off To Best Start EverHe still hasn't announced which seat he'll seek
Cunningham Seeks Re-Election, Won't Run For U.S. House SeatHad earlier said she might seek Akin's soon-to-be-vacated seat in Congress.
Clergy Seek Meeting With Rep. Akin Over 'Liberalism' RemarkCall statement "ignorant" and "offensive"
Congressional Run "Likely" For Cunningham - With One ConditionWaiting to see if incumbant and fellow Rep. Akin will launch U.S. Senate bid.
Congressional Delegation Reacts to Killing of Osama bin LadenThe death of Osama bin Laden will stand as a warning to would be enemies of our country.

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