Aldermen Alarmed Brown and Crouppen May Quit DowntownDowntown Alderman Jack Koatar says he's seeking a meeting with Brown and Crouppen to try to change their mind.
Other Mayoral Candidates Can't Explain Tishaura Jones' $22,000 Travel ExpensesAlderwoman Lyda Krewson and Alderman Antonio French weigh in on their competitor's travel receipts that were paid by taxpayers.
Peacock, NFL Stadium Still a Few Votes Short in Aldermanic CommitteeThe Stadium Taskforce needs five out of eight votes to pass through the Ways and Means Committee.
Minimum Wage Filibuster, Defense Mapping Agency PassesA last-minute plan to raise the city’s minimum wage to $11 an hour has stalled in city hall.
Alderman French Seeks to Create Another Review CommitteeAlderman Antonio French is fighting for the creation of another committee to review police shootings-not referring to the recently created Civilian Review Board.
Alderman Pushes to Create Aldermanic Review CommitteePolice shootings in St. Louis may be reviewed by yet another panel.
Board of Alderman Asks Voters for Property Tax IncreaseThe St. Louis Board of Aldermen is moving toward passing a bill that would ask city voters to raise their property taxes in August to pay for new police and fire department equipment.
Police Chief Faces Questions about Deadly ForcePolice Chief Sam Dotson was asked why police don't fire warning shots before they kill a suspect.
Alderman Antonio French Arrested, ReleasedSt. Louis City Alderman Antonio French was released around 7 a.m. after spending the night in the Ferguson jail.
Police Curb Cruisers With Park BarricadesA police plan to keep cruising under control in Fairground Park and O'Fallon Park in north St. Louis is drawing fire from the area's alderman.
French, Dotson Discuss Crime in North St. LouisAlderman Antonio French wants Chief Sam Dotson to assign police officers to watch more than two dozen cameras already set up in north St. Louis neighborhoods.
Charlie Brennan - Thursday,February 21st - Is the Post-Dispatch Favoring Slay Over Reed in Its Mayoral Race Coverage?Charlie talks with STL Antonio French and Christopher Ave of the STL Post-Dispatch about coverage of the STL Mayoral race; and with Jennifer Chiaverini, author of "Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker".

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