St. Louis Considering Consultant Proposals for Lambert AirportThe city of St. Louis is getting closer to picking a consultant to guide it through the process of possibly leasing Lambert Airport
City Government Audit up for DebateA resolution calling for a state audit of St. Louis city government under debate in the city's board of aldermen.
Marijuana Fines and State Audits Up for Discussion by Aldermen TodayMarijuana and a state audit top the agenda this morning in the St. Louis Board of Alderman.
Aldermen Call for City AuditA resolution calling for a state audit of St. Louis city government is expected to be introduced this week.
Rival Aldermen Plan Press Conference After Confrontation After some talk last week in the board of aldermen, two rivals on opposite sides of a plan to honor police say they're ready to make peace.
Alderwomen Pushed for Payroll Tax Over Sales Tax IncreaseA plan to fund public safety with a payroll tax instead of a sales tax comes before aldermen.
Alderman Calls for Monitoring of Surveillance Information With the growing number of security cameras, a St. Louis Alderman wants to make sure someone's watching the watchers.
Local Officials Offer Advice to New MayorSome aldermen are weighing in on what they think Lyda Krewson needs to do as mayor.
City Voters to Decide on Measure to Help Fund Body CamerasSt. Louis City voters will decide on the April ballot whether to get rid of the office of Recorder of Deeds to help pay for police body cameras.
Scottrade, Soccer Stadium Bills Squeeze Through Ways & MeansBoth amended plans were approved by just a single vote.
New Bill to Cut Down on Drivers Cutting-Through AlleysAlderwoman Sharon Tyus says cut-thru artists are racing down alleys like their own personal highway.
Protesters May Face 'Buffer Zone' Outside of Planned ParenthoodA St. Louis Alderwoman wants to create a 15-foot buffer zone on the public sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood, to keep protesters farther away from women going into the clinic.

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