Asian Carp Removal Begins at Creve Coeur LakeExpect to see plenty of activity out on Creve Coeur Lake the next couple of weeks,
Redneck Fishing Tournament: Fishermen vs. Asian CarpAlong the Illinois River, fishermen armed with nothing but nets try to catch as many fish in their boats as they can in two hours.
Huge, Once-Hated Fish Now Seen as Weapon Against Asian CarpAlligator gar, the second-largest U.S. freshwater fish behind the West Coast's white sturgeon, have shown a taste for Asian carp, which have been spreading and out-competing native fish for food.
Asian Carp Plant Stops Operations in GraftonThe chief executive of a southern Illinois Asian carp processing plant says the facility has ceased operations ahead of a 30-day deadline to stop emitting rotten odors or shut down.
Grafton Gives Fish Plant 30 Days to Stop SmellsAuthorities in southern Illinois have given an Asian carp processing plant 30 days to stop rotten odors or face a shut down.
Redneck Fishing Tournament Eliminates Thousands of Unwanted Carp From RiverMore than 7,000 invasive carp were removed from the Illinois River this past weekend during the 9th Annual Redneck Fishing Tournament.
Asian Carp Cooking Demonstrations Part of TourneySeveral well-known chefs will be traveling to central Illinois to offer demonstrations on how to cook Asian carp.
Asian Carp Spreading Through Local WaterwaysCarp are in Creve Coeur Lake and have been for a few years.
Asian Carp Demand Still SluggishEfforts to get invasive fish out of Missouri, Mississippi rivers & sell them have not been lucrative.
Construction to Begin on Asian Carp Processing Plant in Grafton"We think that is the ultimate solution to diminish the numbers of the carp," Thompson said. "We're never going to eradicate them."
Aquatic Invasive Species Killing Business "There are a number of [invasive] species that have been in the basin for some time now and have caused considerable economic damage."
Developers to Detail Planned Carp-Processing PlantOfficials hope the plant could help control the populations of silver carp and bighead carp.

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