Man Missing After Tugboat Collides with Barge in St. LouisA man is missing after a tugboat sank in the Mississippi River in St. Louis.
Man Killed in Fall After Tugboat Hits Eads BridgeFire officials say the impact from a towboat traveling southbound caused the man to fall from some scaffolding on which he was working on and land on the towboat.
Construction Worker Injured on Missouri RiverA worker was seriously injured Wednesday morning when his boat was struck by an oncoming barge on the Missouri River.
Barge Accident Spills 300 Gallons of Crude Oil into Mississippi RiverHundreds of gallons of oil have spilled into the Mississippi River after a barge accident early Friday morning near Alton.
Second Mississippi River Bridge Hit by BargeFor the second time in less than a week a Mississippi River bridge has been struck by a barge. The latest incident happened Thursday morning.
Mississippi River Re-Opened to Navigation -- Despite Sunken BargesThe watery highway that carries much of the nation's grain, coal, petroleum and other commodities is shut down until further notice.
Mississippi Barge Traffic Flowing After Tuesday's ShutdownYesterday morning, a barge became caught, forcing the Corps of Engineers to shut down a lock and dam that handles roughly half the nation's farm exports.
Trade Groups Update Mississippi River Forecast, Continue Push For Missouri River WaterLast week, the Army Corps of Engineers released water from Carlyle Lake down the Kaskaskia River in order to stave off a potential shutdown in early-January.
Trade Organizations Warn Mississippi Shutdown Could Come Next Week"The Corps' rock pinnacle removal and dredging work and our collective prayers for rain have not produced enough water to sustain navigation on the Mississippi"
Army Corps of Engineers Will Blast River Rocks In JanuaryRight now, the water level is so low that the rocks threaten to halt barge traffic, leaving thousands of barge workers out of a job.
Drought Draining Profits From Local Barge CompaniesBarges leave 35 truckloads of product on dock so they don't run aground.
Drought Grounding Barge Traffic Along the Mississippi RiverThe worst hit area are in southeast Missouri and southern Illinois.

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