Industry Leaders Expect Construction Boom in St. LouisThey say even without an NFL stadium or a defense mapping headquarters the city will be in demand of construction employees.
Judge Dismisses Governor from St. Louis Stadium LawsuitCole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem on Thursday also ordered the lawsuit to be transferred to St. Louis Circuit Court.
Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting Wheelchair-Bound WomanMan wheeled woman out of Barnes Hospital prior to assault.
Local Health Official Sounds Warning On Caffeine ChipsToo many might lead to rapid heartbeat, poor sleep.
Man Charged With Assaulting Strangers Inside HospitalAlfred Pierce arrested for assaults inside Barnes Jewish.
Not Too Late To Get Your Flu ShotSo-called "epidemic curve" will remain in effect for weeks.
Police Have "Person Of Interest" In Missing Woman CaseAuthorities suspect foul play in Jacque Waller's disappearance.
Should You Drink "Drank"? Local Expert Weighs In"Weed in a can" is supposed to relax you but may cause headaches, nausea
Teen Charged in Armed HoldupComputer, wallet stolen at gunpoint outside hotel.
Slips, falls on the ice send patients to local ER's in droves

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