Charlie Brennan - Friday, May 9th - Ambassador Ken Adelman; "Cabin Boy" Director Adam Resnick; CBS News' Bob FussCharlie with Former U.S. Arms Control Director under President Reagan, Ambassador Ken Adelman; with Emmy Award-Winning Writer and "Cabin Boy" Director Adam Resnick; and with Bob Fuss, CBS News CapitalHill Correspondent upon his retirement.
Charlie Brennan - Monday, October 7 - CBS News' Bob Fuss - Bravo's Andy Cohen - Money Monday With Larry Swedroe
Charlie Brennan - Tuesday, October 1st - Bob Fuss on Gov't Shutdown; Prof. Jim Brasfield on Obamacare; Jeanette Cooperman on Father Lawrence Biondi; and Brian Kohlberg of Manufacturer's InventoryCharlie and Debbie talk with Bob Fuss on gov't shutdown, and with Webster University's Dr. Jim Brasfield on Obamacare; Charlie talks with Jeanette Cooperman of STL Mag about her article on Fr. Lawrence Biondi; and with Brian Kohlberg of Manufacturer's Inventory.
Hancock & Kelley - Thursday, July 25th - David Lee; Mark Kern; Kerri Morgan; James B. Stewart on Farm Bill; Bob FussJohn and Michael talk with James Stewart about the Farm Bill; with David Lee; with Mark Kern; with Kerri Morgan; and with Bob Fuss.
Charlie Brennan - Wednesday, January 23rd - Bob Fuss, Mike Shannon, George VesceyCharlie talks with STL Cardinals Broadcaster Mike Shannon about Stan Musial; with CBS Correspondent Bob Fuss about the debt ceiling; with the George Vescey, author of "Stan Musial".
Hancock & Kelley: Reardon Roundtable, General Petraeus Testimony, & The New Cardinals JerseyIt's a Reardon Roundtable Friday with Hancock & Kelley. And the Cardinals announce a third jersey.
Charlie Brennan - Monday, November 5thCharlie talks with U.S. Cong. Todd Akin, one of the most talked-about Senate candidates in the country; Charlie also talks politics with CBS Correspondents Peter King and Bob Fuss, and POLITICO's Ginger Gibson.
Overnight America: October 23, 2012 -- Dwight Yoakam, Bob FussJon dissects the points made and blows landed in the third and final Presidential debate with CBS correspondent Bob Fuss, and speaks with actor and singer-songwriter Dwight Yoakam on his newest album.
Total Information PM: 2012 MLB Fan Cave Job, Mark on Money, New Polling Numbers
Total Information PM: Mark on Money, Payroll Tax Cut Update
Total Information PM: What's Next For the Payroll Tax?, 100 Worst Cars of All Time
Total Information PM - Body Worlds Donation, Personal Debt Ceiling, Debt Limit Update

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