Is Amazon Echo 'Alexa' Actually Spying On You?Homicide investigators in Arkansas want Amazon to hand over a potential suspect's "echo" transcripts.
Insurance Industry Grapples with Cellphone-Related Work InjuriesCellphone-related injuries have increased eight-fold in the past few years, and it can be a workers comp issue.
Political Advertising And YOU! (A primer)We're about to enter that crazy time of the year(s) when political advertising crashes through your radio speaker or shows up during your favorite television programs.
HIPAA, Wiretapping Laws Pose Legal Questions for Nursing Home CamerasThe fact that the systems would be controlled over the Internet has also raised concerns about hackers.
Brad Young on New Pension Laws
Could Fighting Crime with Computers Handcuff Rights?Could computer programs someday wipe out crime? Maybe. But one local attorney is asking—at what cost to your freedoms?
Total Information PM: Snap Chat & Skype Are HackedSkype and Snap Chat are hacked. What is happening? Should we be concerned? What can you do about it? Brad Young is an attorney and internet security specialist. He's a partner with Harris, Dowell and Fischer.
No Law Against Scanning ID
Florissant Family Arrives Home Safely From China Passport ScamA Florissant family is finally home safe, after a confiscated passport left them stranded in China for several weeks.

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