Nutritionists Denounce One Of Internet's Most Popular DietsOne health expert called the "CICO" diet "an outdated way of thinking," with another adding it can "wreak havoc" on other parts of your body.
Calorie Counts Don't Actually Influence Choices, Study FindsAccording to a new study, there's no conclusive evidence that showing calories leads people to make healthier choices.
Candy Companies Promise to Reduce CaloriesSome major chocolate and candy companies have joined together in a pledge to reduce calories in the products they sell in the U.S.
Scary Movies Boost Immune System, Help with Weight LossResearchers found scary films triggered the body's fight or flight response.
Reverse Feeding Tube Approved by Federal AgencyResearchers say the device can remove up to 30 percent of calories from a meal before it is digested.
Conventional Wisdom Vs. New Information - What Dictates A Healthy Diet?A look at widely-accepted food rules challenged by new studies, and the search for truth in an age of easy access to information - as well as misinformation.

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