Longtime Face of Victims' Advocacy Group SNAP Steps DownDavid Clohessy of suburban St. Louis voluntarily resigned Dec. 31 from the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP.
Missouri Catholic Leaders: More Executions A 'Grave Concern'Missouri's Roman Catholic leaders are pressing anew for the abolishment of the state's "flawed" system of capital punishment, expressing concern at the rapid recent pace of executions and questioning whether last-minute clemency requests get proper consideration.
Pope Francis: Catholics Don't Have to Breed 'Like Rabbits'A local Catholic deacon attempts to explain new comments from Pope Francis about birth control and family planning.
Cardinal Burke Argues Catholic Church Has Become Too Feminized A "feminized" church and altar girls is part of the cause for today's clergy shortage in the Catholic church, according to former St. Louis Archbishop Cardinal Raymond Burke.
Archdiocese 'Disappointed' in Same-Sex Marriage LicensesLeaders of the Catholic Church are not happy with the groundbreaking ceremony, in which four same-sex couples got married at City Hall.
Archbishop Dolan: Pope Francis is in Touch with Church's NeedsTimothy Dolan, a St. Louis native and the Archbishop of New York, says Pope Francis is genuine and sincere.
CBS Poll: Would You Rather Meet the Pope or the President?Catholics are feeling more connected to the church, and they'd rather meet Pope Francis than President Obama.
Dolan: Pope's Comments Not 'Change in Church Doctrine'What the announcement does signify, according to Dolan, is "a change in tone or emphasis." "Homosexuality is not a sin. Homosexual acts are," Cardinal Dolan said on CBS.
Archbishop Carlson Subpoenaed In Crimminal CaseArchbishop Robert Carlson has been subpoenaed to give a deposition in the criminal case of a priest at the Cathedral Basilica.
Local Catholics Gather for the Fortnight for Freedom MassCatholics will gather Wednesday to take part in the Fortnight for Freedom Mass, which was prompted by the current trends in redefining marriage in the United States.
St. Stanislaus and Archdiocese Come to TermsThe cease-fire shuts a legal battle over ownership of church assets which began in 2008
Dogtown Priest Discusses Odds Of Dolan Becoming Pope"He's never had, as far as I know, any desire to climb, to grow in importance in the church. He just really is interested in people," John Johnson said.

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