Charlie Brennan - Tuesday, November 25 - Rachel Smith; Dr. Martin Rochester; Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder; John Zisser; Dellwood Mayor Reggie Jones; Former Ferguson Mayor Brian Fletcher; Mo.State Sen. Jamilah NasheedCharlie on riots and protesters in Ferguson area last night with Prosecutor Rachel Smith, Dr. Martin Rochester, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, CBS News Legal Consultant Andrew Cohen, John Zisser of Zisser Tire & Auto, whose business was looted for the second time last night, Dellwood MO Mayor Reggie Jones, former Ferguson Mayor Brian Fletcher, and Mo. State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed.
TIAM: The George Zimmerman Case Is About To Go To The JuryWhat will happen with George Zimmerman?
TIAM: The Supreme Court Has Two Big Hearings Coming UpCBS' Andrew Cohen spoke with us today.
TIAM: It's Monsanto VS. An Indiana FarmerIt's a legal battle over seeds.
TIAM: The John Edwards Trial, The Komen Race For The Cure, Summer TV ViewingWe talked about the John Edwards trail. Coach Claiborne joins us to talk about the Race for the Cure. What to watch during the summer TV season.
TIAM: Putting Gas Prices In Perspective, The Supremes Look At Health Care & A Spring Training ReportGas prices put in perspective. The Supreme Court looks into health care reform. Tom Ackerman had a spring training report for us.
TIAM: Rod Blagojevich Finds Out How Long He'll Go To Prison, Kids And Sports & Holiday TV ShowsHow many years will Mr. Blagojevich get? Kids and sports. TV Guide's Matt Roush.

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