TIAM: Black Friday & The West Wing ReportThe fiscal cliff and the Middle East situation. Two areas we talked about today.
TIAM: Oil Prices, Oscars & ReadingOil prices are moving the world's markets. CBS' Steve Futterman on the Oscars. Go! St. Louis & reading Dr. Seuss to children.
TIAM: January Jobs, Florida Primary, Diet RehabJobs. We need more of them. The Florida primary is just around corner. Are you hooked on bad food?
TIAM: What Will The Fed Do This Week? And We're Off To Florida & Tracking Serial KillersForget the President and Congress. What will the Fed do this week? The Newt & Mitt show heads to Florida. Meet M. William Phelps. He's tracking serial killers.
TIAM: Business Is Making Big Profits. NH Primary Tomorrow & Coffee Is Good For You!Business makes more money. How about you? GOP hopefuls want to win in NH tomorrow. Coffee is good for you!
TIAM: This Week In Business, Congress Pitches A Fit, Super Saturday & Hedy LamarrJill Schlesinger on money. Paul Brandus on politics. Dr. Jim Fisher on Super Saturday. Richard Rhodes on Hedy Lamarr.
TIAM: Quadruple Witching Is Coming! Electronic Christmas Gift Giving & Cancer BreakthroughsJill on quadruple witching day. The President's #s and more with Paul Brandus. Picking out the best electronic Christmas gifts. 2011 cancer breakthroughs.
TIAM: Europe & $$$, Newt Is Leading, Getting Wicked With Gregory MaGuire & Occupy Stl. Heads To D.C.Come on Europe. Get your fiscal house in order. Newt Gingrich is on a roll. The end of Oz as we know it. On the bus to D.C.
TIAM: Bel Far Niente, You Got A Raise This Year, The Casey Anthony Trial & MODOT's Plow PlansItaly's money woes continue. That raise you got this year may go away. Casey Anthony trial. Getting plowed this winter.
TIAM: The Not-So-Super Committee, Star Trek & Flying Business ClassThey aren't so super after all. Star Trek is in town. Flying 1st or business class.
TIAM: China & The World Economy, "Super 7" StatesThe world's economy and China. "Super-Seven" states and the electoral college. Is the U.S. ready for a biological attack? Tour a kitchen and help stamp out juvenile diabetes.
TIAM: Is Italy The Next $$ Trouble Spot? 2011 Presidential Election & Marrying The Right GuyThis week's markets. We're a year out from the next presidential election. Helping Kim Kardashian from making the same mistake twice.

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