CBS MoneyWatchHere's Jill.
TIAM: We Went To New York & Washington TodayFrom Wall Street to Avenue K we did it all today.
TIAM: Jill & Paul On The SequesterJill Schlesinger and Paul Brandus talked with us about the sequester.
TIAM: Jill On Money & Paul On PoliticsWe look at sequestration in a couple of different ways.
TIAM: Lots Of Business News This Week & We Check In With Paul BrandusFrom business to political news we covered it all today.
TIAM: Jill On Money & Paul On PoliticsFrom the stock markets to the White House we covered a lot of ground today.
TIAM: This Week's Markets & The West Wing ReportJill on Money and Paul on politics today.
TIAM: Each Day We Are Closer To The CliffWhere will we be on January 1st?
TIAM: The Financial Cliff & WashingtonJill and Paul offered up some fiscal cliff thoughts.
TIAM: Jill On Money & Paul On Politics
TIAM: Jill On Money Along With David Patraeus & His ResignationWhat's next for David Patraeus?
TIAM: Concerned About The Markets? Relax!Breath deeply into the paper bag.

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